Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Zogby Validates Iowa Straw Poll

According to the latest Zogby Poll, Romney has captured the hearts of likely Iowa caucus goers while Giuliani and McCain continue to slip. While Romney jumped to 34%, Guilani lost 4% and McCain lost 12% since last May.


Anonymous said...

Not to pick nits, but validation of the Straw Poll would have put Giuliani at 1%....

Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed. A comment. This is going to be an intresting potential general election. Democrats are likely to get the candidate they would rather face, in Romney, and Republicans are going to get the candidate they would rather face in Clinton.

I do think Clinton has a much better chance against Romney than she would against Rudy...frankly...and vice versa. Republicans will have a much better time with Clinton than with, say, an Edwards.

AZAce said...

Anon, you're correct. I should have been clear that I was primarily thinking of the validation of Romney in a strong first-place position.

It IS going to be an interesting election, agreed. I wouldn't underestimate Romney. He has his weaknesses, but his ability to debate and charm the audience should not be overlooked. Clinton has a history that will be difficult to run from, but Edwards? If Edwards can pick up some Obama supporters, he might be able to get back in the race, but does he have the strength as a debater?

Anonymous said...

Good questions AzACE. Hillary does indeed have quite a history and still invokes anger, but she is also really running a great campaign. I don't want to underestimate her ability to win it all frankly. She, more than anyone in the race (other than Obama), has the potential to draw out new voters.

As for Edwards, I think we might both agree that he is the most dangerous candidate for the Republicans. The reason being that he could pick off some states that were not in play in the last electoral map for Dems. Virginia, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Ohio. I think he could swing Appalachian voters, which would put even states like Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina into a tougher race. What bothers me about Clinton is that I think she gets none of these states. Maybe Ohio and Virginia and that might be enough to win also.

As for debating. I think Edwards has come across really really cheesy in the TV debates. He looks slick and sugary icky sweet. BUT in person...holy...he is fantastic. If he can just be himself, then I think he could beat Romney. Romney has the same sickening teflon image as Edwards.