Monday, October 08, 2007

A few laws and a Theorem

There are very few laws for campaigns and electioneering. I have heard a ton of advice as I am exploring a run for one of the district 26th legislative seats. Just for fun, I will focus on just what I have heard on signage:

1. Your sign must be red, white, blue, or all of the above.
2. Signs that are different colors than the standard stand out more.
3. Signs make little to no difference in convincing voters
4. Generally a sign is all a voter will see of your campaign
5. Signs are only important to your supporters as it validates their decision to vote for you.
6. Only place signs in the yards of supporters
7. It is very important to have signs in the usual places to show you have presence
8. It doesn't matter where you put signs in Oro Valley, you will have to move them

Some of these are probably truer than others, especially #8. What I am looking to document are laws that ALWAYS hold true. Here is one I learned a long time ago:

Any campaign that states "We believe that we have a chance to bring out non-traditional voters." might as well say, "We believe that we are doomed and have no chance at winning this election."

Another that I was given recently is "Never wear shorts anywhere will you will be singled out a a candidate. It will make you look like you are twelve. In the event that you will not appear to be a teenager, no one wants to see your legs anyway."

I'm going to add a Theorem to this, that has yet to be proven, but one that I strongly suspect will especially be in play in the coming cycle.

Voters are not going to be interested in ALL CAPS issues. Frankly, it a appears that outrages, especially contrived outrage, is going to be out. Quite frankly the voter population will be able to see through that, and is tired of it anyway. That doesn't mean that they cannot be moved to action, but Hysteria will not be rewarded.

I'll do my best to document my reasoning behind this in the coming days.


Sirocco said...

Heh ... good post. I'll have to look for your signs to see how many rules get violated. :)

There is no rule #9 listed.

I'm looking forward to your defense of the ALL CAPS comment, as I am going to take some convincing. Mind you, in terms of state races you are likely correct in regards to things more national issues like the IRAQ WAR, but on matters like IMMIGRATION or EDUCATION or TAXES I am not so sure.

Framer said...


I fixed that. I had another rule inserted, but I held it back as it was actually REALLY good advice, and I have to have some surprises.

And I am not saying issues like Iraq, immigration, education, and taxes will not be important, but I believe that the tone and way the issues are presented will need to be done in such a way as to include more facts and less hysteria.

It would certainly provide a welcome change from politics as usual

Unknown said...

Nice post. I work with the Sam Adams Alliance, and we post a lot of how-to tips on our website, at

This is right up our alley - and sign rule number 8 is both depressing and funny - you might want to check out some of our tips if you do decide to run for one of the legislative seats.

Good luck and best regards,
Sarah Crabtree

AZAce said...

I can attest that #8 is absolutely true!!!

Liza said...

I agree 100% with no shorts and no hysteria.

Dress as though you have already been elected (although I'm not sure what that is in Arizona).

Hysteria is often substituted for knowledge.

GOP Boomer Gal said...

Well, you don't look 12 (maybe 15?) :) You're well spoken, well versed on the issues that matter to the voters, and present yourself very well, and I believe you WILL be elected.