Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tonight's the Night

Fred Thompson has enjoyed plenty of popularity as a non-candidate, but has already started to slip a bit since announcing his candidacy. As a real candidate, he is beginning to feel the scrutiny. Dr. James Dobson, an important spokesman for conservatives, hammered him as being weak on marriage, life, and basic campaign effort —a serious blow to his early appeal to social conservatives.

Tonight, Thompson gets to step into the ring in his first debate with GOP presidential candidates. Unfortunately for Thompson, debating is not his forte. Without the support of key conservative leaders, he has to shine in front of his sizable, but somewhat, shaky support base. This isn't a "do or die" situation for Thompson, but important, nevertheless. Tonight, he will need to let his base know he is THE conservative choice for president and a serious, long-term contender defending himself against accusations from detractors that he's a flash-in-the-pan glamour candidate. Tonight's the night for Thompson to impress.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Fred, "They hardly know ye"!!! Tonight is really the beginning for ALL to see what you AREN'T!! Give it a go!!

Anonymous said...

Heck...his expectations are now so low that there is nothing but the possibility of exceeding them. I would predict that he gets a "pass" after the debate tonight nad that they say he did well enough.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the debate live on CNBC. Thanks for the nap guys. I miss Newt!

x4mr said...


Condolences. Giuliani gets the nod to face Hillary.

I too would love to see Newt in the race. Imagine a Republican that considers the country more than a cash cow for a few dozen quintoguillionaires.

Lord Cheney really raked it in for the filthy rich, pushing a trillion if not more into their coffers.

I find it remarkable that those who most loudly proclaim to have a soul and spirituality continue to support a party that has neither.

The Deplorable Old Bulldog said...

FDT had a minor stumble at the start but he acquitted himself quite well thereafter.

Matthews is such a loud mouthed bore. The way he disses Huckabee really reveals the contempt the East Coast libs really have for us.

Newt is the smartest and most articulate Republican in the Country but he ain't running.

Anonymous said...

Matthews is a jerk. I stopped listening to him a long time because he is so obnoxious.

Newt forward-thinking and very effective speaker (not Speaker) but way too partisan to be an effective president. We need an actual "uniter", a grown-up, given all of the seroius problems we have right. I'm sick of hearing partisan crap from both sides. [By "partisan", I'm referring to criticism of someone else's actions/words/ideas or going after someone SOLELY because he or she is from the other party. It's really dishonest and doesn't help the country.]