Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bee responds

Tim Bee responds to the Arizona Daily Star’s editorial attack on September 26th.


Anonymous said...

Tim should make a decision or he risks losing the seat for whoever does run.

At this point, it's time for Paton or Ash to step in and run.

x4mr said...


Tim has decided. He is running. He just isn't announcing.

Paton has announced his intentions, and Ash is happy in his current slot.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Bee felt he had to respond to what were nothing more than blatant partisan attacks by the Democratic Party and their editorial writing mouthpieces at the Arizona Daily Star.

Not only did the Star NOT make an issue of Steve Huffman serving out his 2006 term in the state legislature, they actually endorsed him in the '06 congressional primary. What a difference a year makes when they realize the Republicans are uniting behind their candidate for 2008 and they've got a registration advantage in CD8.

To the CD8 incumbent: adios, muchacha.

Anonymous said...

Ok- I take back my earlier post Ash is a "no" and Paton is a no way in hell !

Anonymous said...

Totally off the subject but just read in the Tucson Citizen that Kolbe endorsed Glassman for city council. 11 terms of support and this is what we get? The 2006 Giffords endorsement was bad enough although foreseeable given his personal dislike of Graf.

You think he might keep his mouth shut instead of stabbing the people who supported him.


Anonymous said...

I think the "is he running, is he not" scenario isn't near as important as whether he is raising funds. If he is, then we should see an FEC report...plain and simple. I suspect that we will too.

What will be fun is to see the spin of this FEC report. Given his position as Senate President...and the fact that he is likely to stay in office...means that he should get lots of funds and across consituencies. Why? INFLUENCE. He will still be managing the legislative agenda...a nice time to contribute if you want some access, I suspect.

Spin 1: He raises more than Giffords in the quarter. It is spun as massive support against the incumbent. Although, there is a big difference in funds that come in from supporters in the earliest stage when large, max donations come in. He SHOULD raise a lot in his first report.

Spin 2: He raises short of Giffords in the same quarter. That would be a BIG disappointment. But the SPIN will be "look how much he raised when he isn't even running yet".

I do want to see the funding reports.

I suspect he will have about $200K in donations and that he will be behind Giffords by about $1 million.