Thursday, October 04, 2007

Musings From the Latest Poll

Here are the details from yesterday's release of the WSJ/NBC News poll: Poll Details.

Small sample, interesting trend as people seem to be distancing themselves from the current president. A more thorough survey might help us understand what this means beyond the typical knee-jerk explanations by those who dislike the president. Consider that there may be little agreement about WHAT approaches people would want changed with a new president. For example, most strong borders advocates hate the president's stance on amnesty, but strongly support winning the war in Iraq. Likewise, those who might support the president's amnesty proposals typically hate his position on the war.

It's too bad this poll wasn't large and comprehensive enough to tell us something more meaningful.


Anonymous said...

It can also mean that there are far more schizophrenics, in their thinking, than I thought were running around loose.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is just a matter of 8 years of making policy decisions that have been consistently unpopular. Where WJC spent his time constantly polling the people before making decisions (which he was roundly criticized for) GWB has made it his policy to move in the direction he sees as best regardless of how it effects his popularity.

You don't have to like him for it, but he does deserve some respect.