Friday, October 19, 2007

Grijalva's Choice: Protect Drug Smuggling Routes

In total disregard for Southern Arizona's crime problem, Grijalva has introduced HR3287, the Tumacacori Highlands Wilderness Act of 2007 that more than precious wilderness will preserve a corridor for drug and people smugglers.

Here’s the deal: the bill references for enforcement the National Wilderness Preservation System which prohibits “permanent or temporary roads, mechanical transports, and structures or installations… landing of aircraft,” etc... While the Act does reference a few exceptions, it’s clear that these restrictions cannot be reconciled with the border fence and the obvious need for Border Patrol agents to chase smugglers around the desert. Essentially, this corridor will be off-limits to the Border Patrol crime-fighting machine.

But as the Ronco super duper gadget guy says, “Wait! There’s more!” Check out Grijalva’s HR 2593 The Borderlands Conservation and Security Act of 2007 that calls for removing authority and responsibility from the federal government for border entry barrier decisions and replaces the border fence with “less intrusive” alternatives. Granted, it designates money to clean up some of the paths trodden by smugglers—it would be a shame if one of them stubbed a toe in route to a drop—but without Border Patrol agents and security infrastructure to keep people out, it’s a bit like seeding your dog run and expecting a beautiful patch of green grass to emerge.

We have so many no-tolerance policies these days that it’s hard to understand why we would be so compromising when it comes to protecting our families from criminals. Let’s see…one more wilderness area or protection from drug smugglers. It doesn’t seem too tough to me.

It looks like voters will have to turn to CD8 candidate Chewning in 2008 if it’s real protection they want.


Liza said...

Your links do not work at this time.

AZAce said...

Sorry. It seems when I write them in Word and transfer them, they have problems. I re-entered them and they should work now.

Anonymous said...

This wilderness stuff is everywhere. They have a big push for wilderness in New Mexico too. There is a group fighting it. They have a website - Some pretty good information there. These wilderness fanatics have to be stopped, before they lock everything in sight up tighter than a drum.

Anonymous said...

There's legislation called NREPA - Northern Rockies Environmental Protection Act (or something like that) that is trying to get 23 MILLION acres of widerness. It's insanity.

Anonymous said...

So Republicans hate kids AND wilderness now. Where is sanity?

aslanleon said...

If anyone would like to see what a so-called wilderness area looks like when illegals have run through it a few years, come with me on a tour of our Organ Pipe National Monument and the Cabeza Prieta NWP. The damage in just the last few years is mind boggling. Manny is pandering to his constituency, which is pro-illegal to an incredible degree.

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in information about wilderness and how it impacts border security - check out these videos.

Dangerous wilderness areas - closed to the public

DOI puts up barricades to keep border patrol OUT

Trash measured in tons

Rape trees where smugglers rape women they are smuggling into this country

Fawkesface said...

Great reading your ppost