Friday, October 19, 2007

Shadegg Writes on SCHIP Alternatives

Congressman John Shadegg's op-ed in the Investor's Business Daily asks why SCHIP should be expanded to cover already-insured citizens, and offers alternatives for expanding coverage.


Sirocco said...

Shadegg is pulling the wool over his reader's eyes. The "S" is SCHIP stands for "State", and individual states determine eligibility, by and large.

Nothing in the bill mandates coverage for "already-insured citizens".

If the state determines a family can pay for their own insurance, then that family won't be covered. Even families which do meet the coverage criteria, but approach the earnings limit, generally pay some level of premiums, albeit at a reduced rate.

Liza said...

Shaddeg says:

"For those individuals whose employers don't make coverage available, a refundable tax credit or a tax deduction would provide them with the financial ability to buy their own insurance. They could use money they would otherwise send as taxes to Washington to buy their own coverage."

Has Shaddeg shopped for insurance lately?

What a joke.

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