Monday, January 28, 2008

Barack and Janet?

It's been long rumored that Governor Janet has been eyeing Senator John's senate seat, but now her gaze has shifted. Insiders in the state capitol say Napolitano's heavy push for all-day kindergarten to prepare kids for school, and now her push for expansive early childhood education programs to prepare kids for all-day kindergarten to prepare kids for school has a purpose beyond pushing the state debt to $2 billion. Janet wants to look good to Barack Obama who she hopes will pick her as a running mate provided he takes all the marbles for the Democrats. Now, the Obama endorsement makes a bit more sense.

Of course, why would Obama pick a governor from an obscure western state with few electoral votes when he could look almost anywhere else and get a better return for his pick? No question, it's a long shot.

So don't start looking for those Obama-Napolitano in '08 bumper stickers, yet. But wouldn't it be interesting to see McCain and Napolitano duking it out on opposite teams?


Anonymous said...

So, the education plans that she proposed -- and actively pushed for -- beginning in 2003 and 2004 were actually part of a plan to "look good" for a presidential candidate know one expected to run until last year? None of those educational programs you cited (full-day K, early education) had their genesis since Obama came onto the presidential scene.

I would suggest you and your "insiders at the state capitol" apply a bit of logic to your criticisms of those programs and Napolitano's intentions. They may well be a waste of money, but it is extremely unlikely their purpose was to make her look better to Obama.

AZAce said...

The early childhood ed programs have just been introduced and are being pushed hard by Napolitano staffers as we speak for the purposes cited.

The insiders have it right.

Anonymous said...

I agree with has jacko to do with Obama or Presidency and much more to do with frankly improving the horrifying state of Arizona's education system...especially for those who happen to be born into poor school districts.

As for Obama-Napolitano...

I think Clinton is going to win it. Really. I hope so much that Obama beats her, but it won't happen.

AZAce said...

I think you're dreaming about Janet's intentions. But I do agree that Hillary will likely win the nomination. She has the momentum and the bench strength to pull it off in the long run.