Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thanks for the tip

There are two conservative Arizona political blogs that cover Southern Arizona. One of them even specializes in CD-8. Does the Bee campaign give either of them a tip on his announcement? No, we have to read about it on a less than conservative independent blog. I wonder if the campaign will want our help as the year progresses. We’ll still be here.


Touchdown said...

That Green Valley News article was unconfirmed.
Scarpinato just released a confirmed article.

Anonymous said...

Remember...its not a campaign Kelly...its an exploratory committee. Exploratory committee's indeed should not have organization or the significant press ability to do such things at tip people off. It is also apparently a miracle that an exploratory committee could raise $300K since early summer...all eager, uncoordinated, sets of donors that have one thing in common...hoping against all hope that he will actually listen to them....

and run.


Touchdown said...

Roger is right about a couple things, an Exploratory Cmtee is limited & the money raised is substaintial.

Anonymous said...

hahahahah Thinkright...

Maybe if you all say it long enough some people will believe you.

You can spin all you want, but as soon as he signed up with the FEC and started fundraising...and he has been doing it since early last year (my wife has received the emails)...he was a go matter what you all called it.

He had major party leaders beating the bushes for him. He had a link and even listservs to milk to raise funds. The only difference was that he had to say he was exploratory...period. Even the FEC by law called him a candidate in behavior.

Don't try to lower and raise expectations at the same time...the money raised is not close to substantial.

I will mark this date....he had better do much much much better next quarter, then, if this is the uncoordinated effort that you are painting it now.

I am betting that if I look at his list of contributors...a lot of the big big fish have already gone max...and won't be able to donate again.