Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nintzel to AZ Dems - Play a new tune

Tucson Weekly columnist Jim Nintzel is the last person you would describe as a member of the vast right wing conspiracy but even he has had enough of the Democrats harping on Senator Tim Bee and resign to run. In his recent weekly column Nintzel issues the following reminder:

The Dems should really work up a new angle, by the way; it's a slippery slope to keep harping on the idea that a candidate can't handle campaigning and serving in office at the same time. Is Attorney General Terry Goddard supposed to resign in 2010 if he decides to run for governor? Is Gov. Janet Napolitano supposed to resign if she runs for the U.S. Senate in the last year of her term?


x4mr said...

The issue will fade quickly and never reach the consciousness of voters. Us bloggers don't count and neither does Nintzel.

By February no one will remember "resign to run."

Anonymous said...

I have read the Weekly for decades and Jim Nintzel has done much to make it a credible news source. It is sad that a paper like the Weekly is more balanced in it's reporting than the Star or the Citizen. Nintzel is his own man and is very bright. I saw him on the KUAT show and he is very easy on the eyes too...