Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vote Trent v.1.0

OK, NOW the Trent Humphries 2008 website is up.

We do have a few rough edges to knock off and a mountain of content to add, but I am very proud of the result so far.

And yes, grammar checks are welcome and appreciated.


Anonymous said...


Very nice website, you can be proud of this. Best wishes!

Sirocco said...


A lot of these items are ones I submitted yesterday via the form on your Contact Trent page. Since none of them were fixed, I am posting comments here on the chance the form is not functioning correctly

In general, I like the look/feel of the site. It's simple. A lot of the stuff I am listing is fairly trivial. Still, first impressions count.

I am viewing the site using Firefox 2.


1. Copyright comment on the bottom of the pages needs to be updated from 2007 to 2008.

2. About Trent page: Has numerous instances of an extra, unnecessary, space before a comma.

3. About Trent page: I would suggest putting an extra line between each paragraph to improve readability.

4. About Trent pate: I believe the use of a semi-colon in the sentence starting "During high school and college ..." is incorrect, and should be replaced with a simple comma, then a full colon after "including".

5. About Trent page: The section beginning "While at Brigham Young University ..." I awkward. I suggest: "While at Brigham Young University I met my wonderful wife Jennifer who, as a native Tucsonan, introduced me to the area. After our marriage we decided we would like to live in Tucson, but the realities of the job market made that difficult.

6. About Trent page: "During this time, quite by accident almost, ...." drop the word "almost", or change this to "almost by accident". In that same section, you shouldn't say "Bozeman, Montana" again. Just Bozeman is find, You already mentioned it was in Montana a couple sentences earlier.

7. Volunteer and Calendar links on the left don't work. This is probably intentional, but just in case ...

8. Gallery page: the header and the text after the header don't align.

9. Gallery page: nice pictures, but when I click to enlarge them I get "Page not found" errors.

10. Contacts page: Kevin Herring is listed as "campaign Manager". The 'c' should be capitalized.

11. Contacts page: In the text above the comments form, the word comments is mis-spelled as "commenCts".

12. Contacts page: I think there should be a small space between the email and message portions, another between the Message field and Submit button, and the submit button should be center-aligned on the Message field. Just my $.02.

13. Trent on the Issues section: The Spending and Taxation and Safety and Security sections have ":" after the header, the other two sections do not. Either way is fine, but be consistent.

14. Trent on the Issues section: Safety and Security section uses white bullets, other three use black. Either way is fine, but be consistent.

15. Trent on the Issues section: the bullet points on the Safety and Security page are indented much further than on the other three pages.

16. Campaign Insider page: Again, I would suggest inserting an extra line between each paragraph to improve readability.

17. Campaign Insider page: The last sentence tells us to visit the "Why Trent" portion of the web site. There is no link to a "Why Trent" page.

That's what I have ... do with it as you will. :)

Framer said...

Thanks, Sirocco. We have already made some of these changes out of production, but it was important to get the site up.

Just a question, are you busy much for the next 9 or 10 months?

And have more entire sections that are planned as well, including the backend to the volunteers page, more pictures and actual picture hosting, interactive calendar, and if things go well, podcasts.

I will also specify my policy positions to a much greater degree.

Anonymous said...

Nice website...

Running clean huh?

Framer said...


With Tim running and he presidential campaign going, there isn't a lot of money out there for us little fish. Additionally, all of my opponents are running clean so I would have ended up funding everyone if I ran traditional.

Not a real big fan of clean elections as written, but you have to make the best strategy with the rules laid before you. I don't like the designated hitter either, but if I am the NL team in the World Series, I'm not trotting out my pitcher to bat out of principle.

Keep checking back and we'll get more information posted.

Anonymous said...

Clean elections does allow those of us who aren't rich to have a shot at running.

Its a nice government program, Framer.