Monday, January 07, 2008

Shift in LD26 Race

Bloggers are jumping to report today's news that Lena Saradnik has resigned from her position in the state House of Representatives. Sadly, Lena's stroke was much worse than the Democrat party let on. Once it was known that she was in the hospital for several weeks, it was clear things were anything but minor. Her ability to communicate was recognized as a major challenge that, no doubt, left her with no alternative but to resign. Regaining speech can take months, possibly over a year, and requires commitment and focus, which I'm sure will absorb her full attention for a while. We wish her a rapid and complete recovery.

The LD26 House seat vacated by Lena will be discussed by LD26 Democrats who will put forward 3 nominees to the Pima County Board of Supervisors who will appoint Lena's replacement on January 15th, a process I still find more than bizarre. In any case, candidate Don Jorgenson is the likely nominee. If Don is not selected, it will be seen as a no-confidence vote that will doom his campaign. Unless there is a boogeyman lurking in the shadows, I expect Don will get the nod.

LD26 Democrats also have another challenge in trying to find a second candidate to fill the open slot in the election. Francine Schacter and Jeff Latas are names that have emerged in the scuttlebutt. Maybe we can find a mole in the Democrat party who can slip some inside information into the blog about who, if anyone, will step into the race.

Lena's announcement isn't expected to change much on the Republican side. The two early announcers, Trent Humphries and Marilyn Zerull, along with more recent entrant, Vic Williams, will likely complete the slate of candidates for the Republican primary.

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