Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Race Is On!

In Florida, as they come out of the gate it's Romney and McCain running neck and neck at 33.6%. Giuliani, barely out of the chute holds 14.8%. Huckabee is holding on to fourth place by half a length at 13.1%.

Looks like a nail biter to me!


Anonymous said...

Now the race is over...

John McCain will be your nominee unless there is a massive conservative backlash...and there won't be. He is also getting the endorsement of Giuliani as Giuliani drops out and I bet Fred will endorse him too...they are friends.

AZAce said...

Fred is irrelevant, but most of his supporter will go to Romney regardless of the endorsement. Most of Giuliani's supporter will likely shift to McCain. But Huckabee's supporter will go primarily to Romney, while some will sit out the race.

McCain is far from victory, but this was an important win just to stay in the game. Romney didn't have to win it, but it would have helped him if he had.

I expect a continued tight race between them on Feb. 5 now that McCain picks up Florida.

Touchdown said...

Fred got 1% in Florida...his people are already distributed.
Rudy's people will go to McCain.
Huckabee staying in the race will hurt Mitt bad.

Go through the polls, McCain is already leading in CA, NY, NJ, IL & I'd count on 75% of Rudy's supporters going to McCain. Huckabee is leading in the Bible Belt too.

It will be done on Feb 5th. McCain will be too far ahead, Huckabee will win the Bible Belt or cause the evangelical vote to split.

The only chance Mitt has is if he goes to Huckabee & gets him to drop out...even that may not be enough.

Framer said...

75% OF Guiliani supporters and 5 more people will get you a baseball team.

I think all of the Guiliani people that are going to go to McCain already left. I would suspect the few that remain will probably break for Mitt, but there probably isn't enough of them.

I know you liked Rudy ThinkRight, but he will leave the race without one earned delegate. That is less than Rudy and less than Paul (I think Paul wins Alaska).

The two biggest mistakes he made were not competing in Iowa to eclipse Huckabee (the votes didn't kill him, but Huckabee sucked up all of the free press that he had thought he would get for the next month.) Had Guiliani competed in the straw poll, Huck would never had made it anywhere,) and getting cute with dropping New Hampshire to let McCain take out Mitt.

Unfortunately this probably ends his political career, as far as elected office goes.

Touchdown said...

I doubt it ends his political career, politicians never go away...but Rudy did error on his Super Duper Tuesday strategy.
I thought he'd be right, but the earned media was too great to ignore. Anyway, I like McCain.

where's Mitt going to win? CA, NY, NJ, IL will all go McCain.
I'm not bashing Mitt, I just don't see where he can win with Huckabee in the race. McCain may end up winning states that either Huckabee or Romney would take due to them splitting their voters. It could get ugly quickly for Romney.

Framer said...

No doubt it looks rough for Mitt, but I'll bet he comes out of CA with more delegates. All he has to do is convince the seven Republicans in Pelosi's district and he gets three delegates (California delegates are awarded on a per district basis.)

All I know is that whoever wins, we will most likely get a Hillary who has used racial division to smear her opponent.

I'll also wager that Rudt gets an appointment of some kind.

Sirocco said...

If Rudy wants an appointment of some kind he should get it soon, because it will end in Jan. 2009 when the Democratic administration takes office.

Anonymous said...

Rudy for AG???????

Will never happen though...be thinking Democrat in presidency.

Also, just as an aside, new report out. Giffords now has raised over $1.4 million dollars and has over 1.3 million on hand. Apparently, she raised about $300K in the last quarter of 2007.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a tough road ahead for Bee.