Wednesday, January 16, 2008

District 30 GOP update

Word is that Dr. Wayne Peate has decided to pass on running for the legislature this year. According to the information that we have that still leaves the following candidates (sorry we cannot find a web site for Sharon Collins.)

Frank Antenori
Sharon Collins
David Gowan
Doug Sposito

We have heard that Frank Antenori is very popular. The district has a history of also electing a woman to the house and that should benefit Sharon Collins. The fact that Sharon is a bit more conservative than Marian McClure should help Collins even more. Gowan has some name recognition because of multiple runs for the house. The more moderate Sposito may have trouble getting his message out above the other candidates.


Anonymous said...

Gowan also served in the legislature, previously.

Anonymous said...

It's spelled P-e-a-t-e.

Sirocco said...

Apropos of nothing in the original post, I could swear I saw a link on Sonoran Alliance yesterday to a campaign website for Trent, and that I even went to the site, poked around a bit, and used a comment form there to provide some feedback.

Today, however, said link from SA seems to have vanished, and the web site seems to have been taken down. Was I imagining things?

Framer said...


I wasn't aware that programmers could afford drugs :)

Actually, the site is not quite finished,we were just testing the hosting when SA lucked onto it. Much of the text was cut and pasted from other documents and sites and stubbed in as a placeholder, and doesn't belong to me or my campaign. Probably best not to have it attributed to me until I can fill in the spaces with my stuff.

we hope to get it up in the next couple of days.

It was pretty nice though wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Not sure about Antenori being so popular based on his performance in his congressional run, but he seems like a solid conservative on the issues. But why would a solid conservative run against Randy Graf and take the chance of tipping things to Steve Huffman? Just to promote a book? Not sure about all that.

Sposito isn't more moderate, he's a liberal and he is McClure's choice. Enough said.

Hopefully its some combination of Collins, Gowan, and Antenori.

Sirocco said...


I liked the look and layout of the site, but I agree the content needed work (which is the short version of the more detailed feedback I gave).

Framer said...


Indeed, as I mentioned the content wasn't really my content, but we are just about finished with the real site content (well to a point, we are going to be real aggressive about updating and adding more.)

And darnit, THIS site will break the official release!

Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree with you, Antenori does come off as probably one of the most popular candidates in the LD30 Race.

You definitely see him out campaigning more than any of the other candidates. I've even seen him up in my neck of the woods (LD26) at a couple of events. I also saw him at the gun show last weekend; he was the ONLY candidate for office that was there.

If you think he ran to promote a book you're not a good study of political strategy. If anything, he wrote the book to promote his candidacy. The book got him on Fox News a couple of times. I didn’t see anyone else in the CD8 race get that kind of exposure.

If you were to ask Andrea Delesandro (The Democrat running in LD30) who she thinks are the two Republicans she would like to face in the general I bet you Antenori and Gowan are her top two.

If Collins and Antenori win the primary, Delesandro’s chances are slim (a Republican woman and a war hero) in a predominantly solid GOP district. But if Antenori and Gowan or Spositio and Gowan are the top two, Andrea will be single shot by the Dems in the district and will be able to weasel enough of the independents and GOP women away from Gowan by painting him as “the extreme candidate” (just like Gabby did to Randy) that she can knock off Gowan and steal a seat for the Dems.

You’re probably from Cochise County based on your assessment of Antenori’s popularity and views of Sposito and Gowan. In Pima County, many people outside the party have no idea who Gowan is, but they know who Antenori is. The Tucson Republican Women love him and in a race against a connected Republican woman that’s a big deal.

Gowan is a solid conservative, but he went a little too far in 2006 with his attacks on Marian McClure. That’s why his vote count actually dropped by 1300 votes from 2004 to 2006. Based on your incorrect, arrogant comment on Sposito being a lacky for Marian, I can see that those attacks by the Gowan camp are still going strong. Gowan will continue to go downhill if his camp persists on attacking his opponents.

You might want to be reminded that you have a similar Primary scenario like that of 2006. An Iraq war vet, and connected Republican woman (From Pima County), a magazine salesman (from Cochise County) and a developer (From Santa Cruz County).

Odds are on Antenori and Collins with Spositio making a race of it, probably making inroads on Antenori more than Collins (Collins has the women vote). Gowan will continue to play the single issue: anti-immigration card that will probably get 6000-7000 votes, once again only good for 3rd place.

Anonymous said...

As it happens, I have gotten to know several people in Sposito's neighborhood, including Sposito. People talk. Of those I've met, I can't think of a single one who wouldn't vote for Mickey Mouse before they'd vote for him.