Friday, February 02, 2007

Activists Demand Support for President's Plan

Monday, Sen. John W. Warner will join Republicans in voting to block his own resolution condemning the President's new Iraq strategy. We're not sure what swayed him, but there were 32,000 signatures on a petition from people who said that they would refuse to give so much as a penny to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) if Republicans who voted for the Warner bill were later supported by the NRSC.

The message could be intrepreted to be, "You either stick together as Republicans now, or hang together in the next election."

Right now it appears that there are more than enough GOP members on board to filibuster a vote on the resolution.

(framer)Update- That would be all 49 Republicans. Possibly Lieberman as well. Finally, Leadership. Thank you John McCain.


sirocco said...

Dems should pass the stronger resolution and force Republican's to fillibuster it.

Framer said...


Republicans could outright defeat it. They have 49, plus Lieberman, not to mention Senators like Baucus et el. Is Tim Johnson back and voting? If not Republicans could even probably withstand a Hagel defection.

Welcome to the world we lived in with Lincoln Chafee.

Anonymous said...

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