Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Edwards Drags First Snarfy Blogger to Recycle Bin

Cybercast News Service is carrying the flap about Edward's having to encourage one of his snarfy paid bloggers to resign. I guess he didn't want to totally allienate any Catholic voters who might be inclined to support him.

A couple of excerpts from the article: "The Catholic League took particular offense to a Marcotte posting last year that mocked Catholic views on contraception and the Christian belief that Jesus was born of a virgin.

In a more recent posting on Sunday, Marcotte blogged about the movie "Children of Men" and once again took aim at the virgin birth doctrine in a way most Christians would find offensive...

McEwan, meanwhile, has sparked criticism for postings like one from last November in which she called religious conservatives President Bush's "wingnut Christofascist base." McEwan is still employed by the campaign."

With blogging staff like this, who needs Arizona Eighth?


sirocco said...

Not that Marcotte's or McEwan's posts weren't offensive (they were, and were intended to be), but it's not like this is a one-way street.

It was particularly ironic to hear Malkin carrying on about the issue, as she spews bile nearly every time she opens her mouth.

Least someone say "well, but the difference is Malkin doesn't work for a campaign", it might be noted that the individual hired to oversee blog relations for McCain, Patrick Hynes, has some issues of his own ...

Which doesn't make anything right, it just notes the hypocrisy of Malkin, Bill Donohue and others in their berating McEwan and Marcotte (and Edwards) while coosing to overlook Hynes (and McCain).

Framer said...

Not a tremendous Hynes fan, but he is in no way comparable with McEwan and Marcotte, not even close.

McEwan and Marcotte are who they are, and weren't likely to change. Edwards should have spent a little more time becoming familiar with what they did before hiring them. Unless he is so tone deaf he didn't realize that their stuff was that offensive.

The fact that McEwan and Marcotte are so influential in the Lefty blogosphere that they could secure this job should be a wake up call for the Democratic Party in general.

When Republican candidates start hiring Anne Coulter, I will become worried, but right now there is no moral equivilancy. Edwards screwed up big time.

sirocco said...

Well .... Hynes has referred to Henry Waxman as "pig man" and encouraged anti-Semetic and vulgar comments directed at him. He further made (and encouraged others to make) mocking comments about Waxman's "big nose" (a pretty offensive stereotype amonst Jews).

He makes statements such as:

"But it seems to me that when pagans act morally, they act like Christians. And when Christians behave immorally they act like pagans. ... But the upshot is this: Until Christianity began to spread and Christian thinkers developed a philosophy regarding the inherent worth of every human being, there was no such thing as a moral obligation."

In which he is essentially claiming it is impossable for non-Christians to be moral (by behaving morally, they are actually behaving as Christians).

Are such comments as gratuitously vulgar as those by Marcotte and McEwan (BTW, McEwan has resigned as well now)? No, although the Waxman comments are at least in the same discussion. Are they offensive? Oh yes, they most certainly are.

Ann said...

Both "writers" are now gone. These women were ridiculously over the top and past the point of vitriolic or vulgar. They had a specific intent to develop rage against "organized religion" and give life to those who feel any sense of animosity towards the "Christian Right" or those that would be held to a pro-life vote, despite party affiliation