Monday, February 19, 2007

Romney Another Reagan?

A couple of months ago, I dismissed Romney groupies' comments as wishful thinking that Mitt Romney was going to get the GOP nod despite the McCain/Guilliani money and recognition machine. After all, how could a little-known first term Governor from Massachussetts expect to compete with Maverick McCain and Mr. 9-11? And how many really paid attention to the Salt Lake Olympics turnaround story that now fades in the memories of those who did?

I have heard Mitt on live radio interviews on several occasions and have always been impressed with his ability to articulate responses to tough questions while keeping the positive vibes alive. But I never heard or saw anything like the clip of Mitt fielding questions in person from Don Imus last November. Wow, was that a performance! I don't know if Mitt was just incredibly well prepared, or if he simply is that good on his feet, but if it's the latter, McCain and Guilliani better get prepared.

Don Imus wasn't there to play nerf ball. In the interview he hit Mitt on the big three: gay marriage, abortion, and the war in Iraq. Mitt managed to slip in a serious statement here and there in direct response to Don's questions, but rather than a political discussion, the exchange seemed more like a feature interview for man of the year.

I have changed my opinion that McCain is the only candidate who can beat Hillary. Watching Mitt manage Don Imus, I saw flashbacks of 'The Gipper'. Despite reports from Fox News, Bill (Clinton), forget about that appointment from Eliot Spitzer. There now appear to be plenty of candidates to ensure you won't be taking Hillary's place anytime soon.

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sirocco said...

I missed something, I guess the implication is Spitzer would appoint Bill to complete Hillary's term, should Hillary win the Presidency?

That would be an odd situation ...

Mitt certainly speaks and presents well, but I simply can't see him winning. The positions he has had to take in the past to win elections in Mass. will make him toxic in the primaries. His opponents will club him into shimpering submission over them.

On the other hand, it could be fun trying to watch the born-again-Christian voting bloc tying themselves into knots trying to justify a vote for Romney ... much as seeing the family-values set play Twister trying to justify support for Giuliani.