Sunday, February 11, 2007

Randy Pullen Mythbusters

Just thought I'd throw a couple of these out there:

1. Myth- If Randy Pullen is elected he will hire [insert favorite boogeyman] as the executive director as an outrageous political payback.

Truth- Sean McCaffrey is hardly a result of croneyism in any form. In fact he is probably one of the best hires that could have been made under the circumstances.

2. Myth- Pullen brought in Duncan Hunter as a slap in the face to John McCain and to sneer at "moderate" Republicans.

Truth- Hunter was actually rescheduled from a scheduling conflict that occurred last fall, long before Pullen took office. Guiliani is in negotiations currently for a fund raiser coming up soon, as is Romney for a return for later in the year. McCain is tentatively scheduled for the end of the year or the beginning of the next. All candidates are looking to get an equal shot.

3. Myth - If Randy Pullen wins election, he will not do anything for anyone outside of Maricopa County.

Truth- Randy Pullen attended a District 26 meeting right here in Pima county three weeks after being elected. For comparison's sake, Matt Salmon canceled all three trips he was to officially make to district 26 and didn't make it once during his entire tenure. Not a shot at Matt so much as a kudos to Pullen.

So here we are. Many of the disastrous things that were predicted have not happened or were just plain made up, our party is still holding together, and in some areas, a change may in fact be a good thing. If there are other things that anyone feels that Randy Pullen needs to do that involve specific, grounded complaints or observations that are not simply baseless accusations, we would be happy to investigate and report on them, but the previous hysteria seems a little old and. . .


romel said...

I pray that your "Pollyanna" assessment will come to fruition....however, with fearful trembling, I still have reservations!! I witnessed the presentation as well.

Framer said...

There is nothing Pollyanna about it. These are the facts, and quite frankly they fly directly in the face of what many of us have been told.

Nobody is asking anyone to place a Randy Pullen shrine in the corner of their living room. What might be nice is to actually give him the benefit of the doubt, at least at this point, as many of the attacks leveled against him have turned out to be flat untrue.

I'm not trying to be a cheerleader, I'm just pointing out that Pullen is pretty much running up the score on his critics. At some point, a tipping point will be reached where those who wish to keep an honest accounting of Pullen may be blunted by the prior overabundance of innuendo, hysteria, and in some cases out right misrepresentation.

Nobody's cause is served by that.

sirocco said...

Nice graphics ... Mythbusters is a great show.

Framer said...

I wanted to incorperate the ballistics gel dummy, but i wasn't sure how.

Bruce P. Murchison said...

Why is it that conservatives backed Jim Kolbe each General election after he beat the more conservative candidate, but when a conservative actualy wins, the moderates throw a hissy fit? I would have backed either Randy Pullen or Lisa James because that what we do. You support the Party. Either candidate would have been decent and both should be shown the same respect. Stop whining and start working. We have a lot of work to do before '08.

Evan said...

McCain, Guiliani, and Romney are all looking to raise money for their own campaigns, not for the party. They won't be doing any fundraisers for the party until after the primary. It doesn't make sense for them to.

Also, Hunter was scheduled last minute before the Maricopa organizational meeting. There wasn't even a date on the flyers that were passed out. That was in December.