Thursday, February 22, 2007

Study in Contrasts

I found this information from the PAC tracker referenced by HOT AZ it Gets

Here is the money donated by the Arizona State Democratic Central Executive committee to individual candidates during the last election cycle:

Contributions To Candidates By
1. Senate PEDERSON, JIM DEM $10,000
2. Dist 01 SIMON, ELLEN DEM $10,000
3. Dist 05 MITCHELL, HARRY E DEM $20,000
4. Dist 08 GIFFORDS, GABRIELLE DEM $10,000

And here is the amount donated by the Arizona State Republican Party:

Contributions To Candidates By
1. Senate KYL, JON REP Incumbent $298
2. Dist 07 DRAKE, RON REP $5,000
3. Dist 08 GRAF, RANDALL RANDY REP $4,500
1. Dist 50 BILBRAY, BRIAN P REP $5,000
1. Dist 07 ODONNELL, RICK REP $5,000

Because we were doing so well that we had the money, means, and time to involve ourselves in California and Colorado politics.

I'm not sure what the thought process was behind this, but I hope to see money given to the state party used in the state from now on.


sirocco said...

Yeah, I didn't get the out-of-state contributions either at the time ... as it turned out, I don't think an extra few K would have made the difference for Graf, but Mitchell won by a small margin ... an additional 10k there instead of in CA and CO, who knows?

Maybe there was some hubris involved?

Not that I am complaining ...

Framer said...

Perhaps it would not have made a difference in the the big congressional races, but it could have made a HUGE difference in many of the state legislative races that we lost, some by minuscule margins. Obviously, many of these candidates ran clean elections, but there were far better ways to use that money right here in Arizona.

And why the $298 dollars to Kyl? That just seems odd and random.

sirocco said...

Yes, I had not stopped to consider the various state races. Obviously, the more "local" the race the more impact a little bit of money can have, and, as you note, there were a number of close state races last November.

It was an odd decision at the time, and just gets odder in retrospect.

Anonymous said...

The Bilbray money was given in June during the special election to keep Cunningham's seat Republican in Congress.

Not quite sure about the O'Donnell one though.