Wednesday, February 21, 2007

State Party Update

We called the state party office a short time ago looking for some specific information about the last election cycle. We were not able to get the information that we were looking for, but we did learn some interesting things.

It appears that the office is staffed with temporary workers until the full time staff can be hired, it appears that outside of Sean MacCaffrey, there have been no new permanent hires.

Additionally, it looks like those who are in the building have been furiously engaged under the direction of Timothy Lee, the new treasurer, to make some sense and order of the financial records as they are in seriously bad and disorganized shape. Currently, Tim is doing the audit for 2004 and it is taking far longer than it should have do to the state of the records. He hopes to have the audit for 2004 done in time for the March 3rd Executive Committee Meeting as well as some of 2005.

Obviously, this is something that should have been in order and taken care of long before now. It is an embarrassment for those in charge of past audits, and those tasked with following up to make sure it was completed. Thank goodness Timothy Lee hit the ground running and will get this done. I suspect that he will not allow this type of sloppiness to occur under his watch.

It also may explain a bit about the angst of the former Financial Director and the manner of her exit. I wouldn't want to stick around and take responsibility for that type of work either.

To Tim's credit, he said nothing negative about his predecessors, and I do not believe that he realized he was speaking to a blogger. This shows that he wasn't willing to throw anybody under the bus, even "off the record." We are probably pretty lucky to have him aboard.


Maricopa Isn't Evil said...

This is going to get worse before it gets better... A lot of financial information is missing or "mis-filed" at present and the current folks can't even determine who has already bought tickets to the upcoming Trunk 'n' Tusk dinner... They know who bought since Pullen took over, but there doesn't seem to be a list of anyone from before.

Anonymous said...

Roebuck didn't come into AZGOP until August of 2005, long past 2004's books. The problem was there before she arrived.

It's funny that all of this should come out now considering that the State Committee had mentioned NUMEROUS times that the finances were the most organized and transparent that they've seen in years.