Friday, February 09, 2007

Update on Border Security Issues

According to the El Paso Times, Ramos, one of the border patrol agents serving time for incidents surrounding his alleged shooting of a drug smuggler, has been beaten in prison by an inmate group believed to be comprised of illegal aliens convicted of felonies in the U.S.

On another front... reports Tyson Foods will be in court next month defending itself against RICO violations. Legal workers are suing under the federal racketeering law claiming Tyson's illegal actions depressed wages as much as 30%.

Employers complain that the federal government’s employment verification program for determining the authenticity of a job candidate’s documents has never worked although that was unlikely to be a factor in this case based on the blatant wage differential between legals and illegals.

Last year, the Zirkle Fruit Co., a fruit grower in Selah, Washington, paid out $1.3 million in a case brought by legal workers who accused Zirkle of hiring undocumented employees to keep from paying the legally mandated minimum wage.

The Tyson suit includes back pay for depressed wages of 35000 workers. Wow, better stock your freezer with chicken!

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