Monday, November 27, 2006

Big Dogs and District 11

Again, this is not my area of expertise, but since the district 11 Chair race has become fashionable, I will add my 2 cents.

The stakes in this are obvious. Fife Symington has been placed in a position to take the District 11 chair from Rob Haney to avoid any further embarrassment to John McCain in this district in particular and in the state in general. All of his rhetoric about holding Haney responsible for the previous legislative defeat is complete misdirection. He is there only to dismiss Haney. He is McCain’s man, pure and simple. And this is not necessarily a bad thing.

At this point I am disinclined to support a McCain run in the Primary, not because he doesn’t pass a series of litmus tests for me, but because I feel that he has one term written all over him. That being said, he is the current favorite to win the Republican nomination for President, and after that, an odds-on favorite to demolish Hillary Clinton in the General Election. This is not something to be taken lightly nor would anybody else in McCain’s position leave anything to chance if presented with the same opportunity.

Rob has taken his shots at McCain and made a veritable political living off of stirring up his base against McCain. It is one thing to take a vote of censure in a sparsely attended committee meeting and another entirely to defeat a direct challenge, albeit by proxy. This is where that old saying about big dogs and porches comes into play. If Rob feels like his words and position are solid, the challenge by Symington should be welcomed as an opportunity to serve a direct blow to McCain. Should Symington be defeated, things would get very ugly for McCain very fast. As I have mentioned before, Mitt Romney for one would swoop down and capitalize on Arizona GOP dissatisfaction almost instantly. Obviously, McCain will do everything in his power to hold the state party, as would anyone else in his position.

So now it is time for Haney to demonstrate leadership and knock back this challenge. If he cannot, then Symington deserves the position. He has certainly put a lot on the line as far as his political future, and called in a number of favors with his list of endorsements. He could have effectively challenged for the state chair, but placed his eggs in this basket which is also admirable. Should Haney prevail, he will become the standard bearer that he has always wished to become, should he lose, he will probably (and hopefully) be relegated back to the porch. Sniping does not build lasting victory.

The real question that I have is what is McCain’s plan for the state chair which should have been a much bigger “must-have” than District 11. If Munsil is indeed his candidate, it seems that he used his rook to neutralize a pawn, as I believe that Symington would have a better shot at the state chair than Munsil. None of the current whispered candidates look to be a clear lock over Randy Pullen who is most decidedly NOT McCain’s man.


Anonymous said...

You have nailed this one. Fyfe's a good, obedient LOYAL Republican!! He would be perfect for District well as STATE CHAIRMAN!!
Pull Pullen off his pulpit for AZ Chair...he can't even handle National Committeeman. A "pawn" for a one-focus group...replacing someone cut from the same bolt of cloth!!

David said...

Read your blog and would like to speak with you about the Cactus Alliance. Please contact me. Thanks. said...

I am definitely pulling for Haney here. McCain is probably better than Bush, but that's not saying a whole lot. I don't trust McCain - not at all. He is the only politician that is completely unpredictable. Trying to decipher McCain's next move is like trying to decipher the Da Vinci Code. One thing for sure, I agree with Russell Pearce when he calls McCain's amnesty plan “treasonous.” There is nothing at all good about this plan. In fact, it would make the problem 100x worse than it is today. It's another one of those Karl Rove idiotic-type of ideas that states, “it doesn't matter if the program is perfect, it only matters that we get it passed.” Rove actually said something to that effect about the horrible socialist prescription drug Medicare boondoggle that he forced weak Republicans to pass for Bush.

Back to the point here, I have nothing against Symington. He was probably another case of Republicans eating their own alive just because they enjoy doing it, but it probably isn't the right time to have him back in politics in Arizona. Although I would have preferred him running for Governor over Munsil at this point, since Symington could not have done any worse than Munsil did. Symington may have been able to get some people to actually vote Republican who were scared about the thought of Munsil instituting a theocracy! I'm not sure if Symington would have done so-called "Clean Elections", but I'm also not sure what his private net worth is looking like right now either. I'm not even sure if so-called "Clean Elections" isn't retarded enough that it even matches money spent by wealthy people to run their own campaigns.

Either way, why fix something that ain't broke? And if Haney is criticizing McCain for the reasons that I believe that he might be criticizing McCain, then I believe that he’s doing exactly what he should be doing. There is way too much “Play nice and agree with everything that your leader says and does or else” that goes on in Republican politics.

I’d be interested to see what happens to the Republican Party if McCain does get the nomination. Would that actually lead to a strong Pro-Border Security Third Party candidate? Could there be something like a Minuteman Party candidate? Would they be able to recruit somebody like a Lou Dobbs or some other populist candidate like that to fight against the New World Order that Bush and his father have tried so hard to establish and McCain would put on the fast track? It would be interesting to see. I am not as terrified of Hillary as others on the Right are, especially since I don’t know that I could trust McCain to do anything that I wanted anyway. I don’t trust McCain on judges at all. The only thing that he’s good on is spending, and he hasn’t had to be the one presenting the budget yet, so we’ll have to see how good he really is on that even. There is such irrational hatred for Hillary. Yes, she is a lib socialist, but the hatred for Hillary from the Right is as irrational as the Hatred for Bush from the Left. Yes, she tried to ram through Hillary-care, but other than that and the fact that she probably had Vince Foster killed and stole all of those FBI files on potential political enemies, and … Ok there are many reasons why we should never vote for that woman, but there are also many reasons why I will not vote for a John McCain.

Anonymous said...

“should he lose, he will probably (and hopefully) be relegated to the porch.” If Haney does loose he will not be content to sit on the porch. He will be free to work for and support anyone in the Republican presidential primary and all of the conservative PC’s that he recruited will be very interested to know whom he is supporting.

McCain lost this battle when he did not ignore Haney.

Art Jacobson said...

Thanks very much for your coverage of the ins and outs of political life on the Republican side of the aisle. It's always interesting and always literate.


Framer said...

There is something to be said about a strategy of simply ignoring Heaney, and it certainly plays to the perception that McCain has a vindictive streak. My belief is that should Symington defeat Heaney, the matter will die down effectively.

Should Heaney prevail, things will get extremely interesting. I would put Pullen as a lock to win the state chair at that point, as those opposing McCain will be emboldened.

If I were McCain, I would have focused on the state chair before moving on to District 11.

Unless Symington or McCain didn't believe they had the numbers to defeat Pullen, which would be a logical explanation for what has transpired.

Anonymous said...

Over the past 4-years, I have seen Pullen play either the moderate or the conservative depending on who he is speaking with.

Pullen even spoke out against the resolution in LD11 to censure McCain.

Pullen and McCain may not be all that tight, but Pullen is smart enough to know that as State Party Chair, you don't publically criticize your Senior Senator and front-runner for the Presidential nomination.

Haney, on the other hand, is not smart enough to realize this and is just attempting to embarass McCain in his home district. That is why he needs to be removed as a district chair.

Anonymous said...

McCain never shows up for state conventions and is consistently booed when his name is announced. Why pick on Haney when the Republican base, moderate or conservative, have problems supporting McCain? Symington, with his background of corruption, running immediately after Republicans are swept partly because of corruption, can't possibly have a shot at any leadership position. Add the fact that the District 11 PCs were recruited by Haney and it would be a shock if Haney didn't win.

Anonymous said...

Well, Rob Haney kicked Fife's butt. Who's next?