Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Infamous Exit Polls

Remember how brutal and slanted the exit polls were toward Democrats last year?

According to the Huffington Post Kyl is up by 4 in those same polls this time around.

If this polling is as Democrat-biased as last time, Kyl and the down ticket should be rolling.


sirocco said...

I don't see anything surprising in the early vote counts so far -- Giffords +15, Kyl +6, Hayworth +4, Renzi +16.

Maybe the size of Renzi's lead is a little surprising ... but everything seems to be going as expected.

sirocco said...

Hmmm ... now with &*% reporting, Mitchell is +7 on Hayworth. This wouldn't be a surprise results if it holds up, of course, but I kind of expected JD to hang on by his teeth.

sirocco said...

OOps .. that was with 78% reporting.

sirocco said...

Now 88% reporting and Mitchell +8. Looks about over for JD.

85% reporting in CD8, Giffords +13, right on the late polls. This one's done.

Simon has made it slightly respectible, but Renzi will be going back in CD1.

In other news, Whitehouse beats Chafee, Allen-Webb is within 7K votes and narrowing late, Tester-Burns close early and it looks like Talent will hold on fairly handily against McCaskill.

Randall Holdridge said...

Oh, for Heaven's sake.

sirocco said...

Woot! I was wrong about McCaskill -- apparently every late-reporting preceinct was Dem-leaning.