Sunday, November 12, 2006

News media scoops everyone

The AFP has a story that caught me completely off guard.

It appears that John McCain is considering a run for the Presidency.

Who knew?

It also appears that Russ Feingold has no intention of running, which I'm not sure anybody really thought was going to happen anyway.

To sum it up, those who have declared, or coyly non-declared, but winked, for the race so far are:


Hillary Clinton
Tom Visack
John Edwards


John McCain
Duncan Hunter
Mitt Romney

People are fully expecting Rudy Giuliani to run, although he doesn't appear to be putting any infrastructure in place quite yet. He is perhaps the only candidate that could get away with this. It should be interesting either way.


Kralmajales said...

Looks like Rudy just formed an exploratory committee as well. He must have read your post (smile). Anyhow, it is at

Framer said...

I saw that as well. his polling must show some strength in comparison to McCain.

It would be interesting to see, once my Republican colleages limp back into participating again. if Rudy has any support base in Arizona.