Sunday, November 19, 2006

Not a lot going on out there. . .

A lot of what we are working on is still in the development stage, and the actual political news is pretty sparse right now, so I will pass along a general tip you may not be aware of.

If you are blogging, or reading blogs, and need a little mood music, you should really become acquainted with

It resembles the "If you like x, we recommend. . . " technology that you see on applied to individual songs. You enter your favorite group, singer, or song and it will build an entire radio station based around your choice. It also has the ability to "learn." If it plays a song that you do not like, you can let it know that it doesn't fit, and it will carry that information forward.

Pandora is an extremely great way to "discover" new bands and songs that you may not otherwise have come into contact with, that likely to fit your style of music.

If this is new to you, check it out.

For all of my Republican friends that this helps, I hope you enjoy the review free of charge. To our Democratic friends that find this useful, you owe me a quarter. :)


cc burro said...

The Pima County results are in [Pinal County's results have been "in" for days] and Charlene Pesquiera won over Al Melvin by 455 votes for state senator from LD 26.

sirocco said...

Go Al!!!!! Go far,far away! said...

I think that it is a sad thing that Conservative Republicans are expected to just plug their noses and pull the levers for liberal Republicans when lib Republican RINOs are not expected to do the same thing. It hurts worse when the big lib George Bush has been pushing this kind of agenda and intra-party homicide of Conservatives since being elected on the false pretense that he himself was at all conservative. I cannot wait until Bush is no longer President. I'd much rather have Hillary at this point. At least she's not pretending to be a Conservative. She's just pretending to be a moderate or a progressive (codewords for lib in both parties).

Oh by the way, thank you for that reference. All of my friends already love it. So, although it was tempting to make myself look like the genius, I properly gave you all of the credit.