Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Rain in Spain. . .

I get it, the more we discuss McCain, pro or con, the more traffic we get. So I'm not above a little pandering. . .

This is seemingly old news, but I have not yet seen it discussed. As we have mentioned before, the two strongest opponents that McCain is likely to face are Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, both excellent orators. To even the playing field, McCain has hired a speech and debate coach.

Brett O"Donnell is the national champion debate coach at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.

O'Donnell, 42, has been Liberty's debate coach for 17 years. He said he accepted McCain's offer because he viewed it as a good career opportunity and because he wants to see the senator elected president.

"I would never work for a candidate I couldn't support," he said. "I've always been impressed by him. He's not a man who bends his political views for the purpose of getting elected."

O'Donnell said Mark McKinnon, a consultant to the Bush re-election campaign, recommended him to McCain. The senator asked Falwell's permission to recruit O'Donnell when McCain was Liberty's commencement speaker in May. Falwell gave his blessing.

I'm not sure if the connection between McCain and Liberty University was intentional, but O'Donnell's qualifications seem top notch.

We will try to outline other Team McCain members as occasion permits.


sirocco said...

O'Donnell is legit, but the connection to Liberty University and Falwell is an added bonus of course.

Liza said...

Now that McCain has a debate coach all he needs is someone who can turn back the hands of time. Of course, only God and Pat Robertson (who has a direct line to the Almighty) can do that.