Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Democrats Lukewarm on New Senate Immigration Bill

A new Democracy Corps poll suggests Democrats aren't any more excited about the new, improved Senate immigration reform bill than are Republicans. It's hard to imagine Harry Reid seriously pushing this forward under these conditions. If the President wants to leave a legacy, he should probably pick something else on which to do it.

An excerpt from the article:

A Democracy Corps poll by Stan Greenberg and James Carville, former advisors to Democratic President Bill Clinton, showed intense voter concern about immigration in battleground congressional districts. Voters were far more likely to support proposals that would tighten the border and stop illegal immigrants from getting government benefits than efforts to legalize the estimated 12 million people living in the country illegally, the poll found.

"We do not find very much voter support for the comprehensive Senate bill," the pollsters wrote. Even Democratic voters split -- with 47 percent for and 47 percent against -- after hearing a description of the Senate bill, while most independents and Republicans opposed it.

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