Monday, June 11, 2007

What Bruce Ash Means to So. Arizona

Thanks to Sonoran Alliance for reporting the victory of Bruce Ash as our newest national committeeman. We expected Bruce to get the nod. Now that it's official let's speculate about what it means for Southern Arizona.

Bruce Ash, as Paul Ash before him, is a long-time financial supporter of the party who has demonstrated that he can both boost the resources of candidates and raise substantial funds for the party—both sorely needed here. As a candidate for national committeeman (and almost-congressional candidate for CD8), Bruce enjoyed broad-based support among Southern Arizona activists. Although Bruce is not a new kid in town, he is certainly enjoying a new level of prominence in local politics. Bruce, who managed to remain unsullied from the nasty politics of the last election, now shows up as a leading figure and influencer in our neck of the woods.

What can we expect from Bruce? We expect Bruce will represent Southern Arizona interests for policy and direction at the national and state levels; We don't expect a repeat of last year's fiasco with Bruce in the seat. As a primary donor and fundraiser, combined with his committeeman seat, Bruce will find he has greater influence than in the past. No doubt, he will be looking to the county party to use funds with discretion to ensure success in the races of paramount importance to Southern Arizonans besides the presidential campaign: state legislature and congress.

We see Bruce Ash as a go-to guy for Southern Arizona who will take a no-nonsense approach to the direction of the party. Despite the few obnoxious holdouts from the past who continue to nip at the heals of progress, we expect that Bruce will stand on his own and provide important leadership and influence to keep the party moving in a positive direction.

Congratulations, Bruce!

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fred said...

Does this mean that Jim Click will have less influence? Works for me.