Friday, June 15, 2007

Pentagon Lobbies for Immigration Bill

I was surprised to hear on the radio that the DOD was lobbying in support of the immigration bill. Now I know why. Apparently, the army is having trouble reaching their target recruitment numbers, so they have great deal of interest in the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) provision that allows illegal aliens to join the military.

An interesting outcome of this is that under a Bush executive order that allows non-citizen enlistees to apply for citizenship within one day of service these illegals would be granted amnesty and a quick path to citizenship.

Read the press release from the DOD.


Sirocco said...

Let me get this straight ... enrolling to participate in an active war, putting their life on the line, as a means to gain citizenship still qualifies as "amnesty"?

AZAce said...


As romantic as it sounds, simply joining the military should not be a way around the system. There are many more who would be willing to do the same who are trying to get in WITH the system. Why would you encourage them to cheat by rewarding lawbreakers with forgiveness for their crime(s) AND a job—what I would refer to as amnesty?

A few points:

1) Joining the military doesn't necessarily equate to putting one's life on the line. It depends on what one is doing.
2) This is not specified for war-time only.
3) Citizens who have committed crimes have not been forgiven simply by volunteering. In fact, even though they're citizens, they don't get the job, either.

Sirocco said...


It's untrue citizens who commit crimes have not been forgiven. It's actually occurred numerous times in our past during major conflicts.

It may be true the clause in question isn't limited to wartime. That's something that could be addressed if needed, although one could argue that anyone who enrolls is at least taking the chance they will have to serve in battle, since you can't guarantee one won't start while you are in uniform.

Given the President's statements on the matter, I think we can safely assume anyone who joins the army in the next year or so is likely to find themselves under fire shortly after basic training ends.

Sirocco said...

Ooops, I forgot to note it's the _children_ of illegals who are eligible for the get-your-self-shot-at-in-exchange-for-citizenship deal. They aren't the ones who entered the country illegally, which weakens your argument a bit.

roger said...

Its question. Ya'll are tired out after the last round and the Business community has finally had enough time to tell the anti-immigration forces just where to stick it.

AZAce said...

Although citizens who have committed crimes have been forgiven, my understanding is that it's been on a rare and selective basis, not on a massive level. Whether minors came on their own, or with parents, they are living here illegally thereby earning the distinction "illegal." My point is that regardless of how they got here, the DREAM act provides in-state college tuition which attracts illegal aliens to campuses where the military can find and recruit them. It also forgives their status working in tandem with the exec order so they can hold jobs in the military including non-combat jobs.

Roger, what major business groups support the senate immigration bill? Other than a few small industry-specific groups like tomato growers, most oppose it including the National Home Builders Association. Dunkin Donuts is suing franchisees that hire illegals. No, I don't see major business support.

Sirocco said...


In times of major wars, giving certain levels of prisoners freedom (or "amnesty") in exchange for military service has not been all that uncommon. Civil War, WWI and WWII all had numerous examples.

The children themselves have done nothing illegal in coming to America, presuming they arrived as minors.

Anonymous said...

Cowards who have never served the in the military are quick to judge, to gain citizenship, check history of United States, immigration from everywhere arriving in New York, to serve in the United States Military is an honor that everyone should take advantage of, citizens who take FREEDOM for granted and spout things that they have no experience with, if they die for the country they want to become citizens for, let them, in America everyone is free to believe in FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY! Criminals belong in jail. The courts and laws decide. Ask a Vet.