Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Senate Immigration Bill Final Death On Thursday

Today, the Senate voted to move the immigration bill (now S1639) forward to debate giving it one last gasp before the final death knell. Even though supporters provided four more yes votes than the 60 required, five Senators are expected to change their votes Thursday in the next round expected to kill the bill altogether when the Senate votes to end debate. A number of senators that were willing to allow debate have expressed opposition to the bill including Boxer, Bingaman, Menendez and Webb. Some have privately said they voted 'yea' this time as part of a deal, but that doesn't apply to Thursday.

Of course, it may not matter if by some miracle the bill makes it past the Senate. House Republicans already made their statement today voting 114-23 against it and House Democrats show no interest in allowing the S1639 hive into their chambers.

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