Friday, June 01, 2007

Kevorkian Gets A Rest With Immigration Reform Bill

Is S1348, the Senate immigration reform bill still breathing? Not by much. We’ve already heard about the lack of confidence voters have that security provisions will be enforced. Some of the still-glaring holes show up below:

1) There is nothing to ensure that those who overstay their visas—hence, becoming illegals—will be deported, or that anyone will be watching to be sure it no longer happens.
2) Illegal aliens get legal status (probationary) complete with social security card, and protection from deportation, as soon as the bill passes.
3) Illegal aliens not interested in citizenship can simply continue to work on probationary status with no sunset provision.
4) So-called “triggers” are fairly meaningless as outlined by Senator Grassley in his statement read on the floor of the Senate.

A sign that death is at the door is that opponents are now turning their attention to the House. They wouldn’t be moving this direction unless they could see the stars aligning in their favor. This bill is gasping its last and few will be willing to commit political suicide to support it. The idea that the Senators from border state Arizona support it, and therefore so do the voters, has been turned on its head with the resulting backlash. Even Dr. Kevorkian, just released on good behavior, will see no need to assist this one.

Don’t be surprised if S1348 gets tabled and never comes to a vote...and Senator Kyl makes the motion.

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