Saturday, June 02, 2007

Did you see?

I have wanted to post on both of these issues, but I'd be fooling myself if I thought I was going to get around to it. Fortunately others did the heavy lifting for me:

1. The Michael Medved speaking engagement. It was well worth attending, and had very good attendance. I'd estimate somewhere between 800-1100. I took notes, but it looks like X4mr did a very good job with his notes as well.

You know Medved was fabulous when X4mr and I are both in agreement with what was covered.

2. I noticed that there was a stir of excitement about Raul Grijalva’s appearance on the Colbert Report among the center-left portion of the local blogosphere, and then nothing but crickets after it took place. For those wondering why, ThinkRight AZ is all over it.


thinkright said...

Gracias for the link. Colbert is one of my favs, even though he dissed GWB last year.

x4mr said...


Also thanks, and I concur with your assessment of the attendance, which surprised me. I expected a much smaller group and was even hoping I meet be able to find you and introduce myself. When I saw the 1000 or so people there, so much for that idea.

I would speculate that I surprise few by noting I'm a Jon Stewart fan. With Colbert it's more hit or miss.

So thinkright is a Colbert fan? That is interesting. I am curious. Do you perceive Colbert as more right, or more left, or just plain funny?

Grijalva's "That would make me really uncomfortable" in response to the request to comb his mustache was serious funny. Oh god.

Framer said...

Actually, I believe I have already met you at the "all Republican congressional candidates minus Steve Huffman" news conference. You were there right?

It is now my lifetime goal to become renowned just enough to somehow be put "on notice" by Colbert.