Thursday, June 07, 2007

Whining for Breakfast

There's nothing like the smell of Desperation in the morning. Harry Reid just tried to put off cloture until 5:00 pm, but Mitch McConnell objected, keeping Reid's original schedule. Reid then basically admitted that he didn't have the votes for cloture. He is either a great poker player, or just threw in the towel.

My favorite part of his remarks was when he related that during his trip home over the last week, there was no interest about immigration with those he spoke to, just about ending the Iraq War and gas prices. Must have spent that vacation in a basement in Searchlight.

Now Kennedy is on trotting out Napalitano's "If you build a 40 foot wall, they will just use a 41 foot ladder" tripe. I'd report more about what he is saying, but I cannot hear anything over the rotund Viking lady's libretto in the gallery.

Now we need to focus on the sequel.

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