Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gabby On The Hook

Arizona state GOP Chairman Randy Pullen pulls no punches with Gabby. Here's the latest from his GOP blog:


PHOENIX, AZ – “Gabrielle Giffords is being disingenuous with the people that elected her to Congress,” said Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. “Five months ago, Ms. Giffords talked about change and reform specifically on the earmark process. Today, Congressional Democrats like Giffords are turning their back on the voters who elected them. Once again, a Giffords campaign promise has turned out to be just an empty promise.”

Pullen Continued, “Fresh off their historic vote to pass the largest tax increase in American history, Democrats are now creating a secret slush fund for earmarks devoid of public scrutiny, with no oversight, and without accountability.

“It’s antics like this that have caused Congress under the Democrats to have record low approval ratings. Ms. Giffords ought to start representing the interests of the people who elected her and not the special interests and lobbyists in Washington. If she doesn’t start listening to her district instead of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, she’s going to find herself out of a job,” concluded Pullen.


Sirocco said...

Did he bother to actually provide any references to support is rhetoric?

Of course not ... he simply spewed hot air, which is one thing Arizona definitely does NOT need in the middle of the summer.

Liza said...

Someone needs to show Mr. Pullen how to do a link to the source of his information. I think it's admirable that he's set up a blog, but he needs to identify where his information comes from. Otherwise, he's spewing hot air just like Sirocco says. The political blogosphere is not quite as forgiving as conservative talk radio or Fox News.

AZAce said...

See Pelosi post above.

Anonymous said...

If there are any earmarks, they will be going to our district, the bases many of you praise, and spending on border security that many of you want. I still wonder how some Republicans can say with a straight face, smaller government and give me back my taxes, but still want to spend billions of our tax payer dollars on bases and illegal immigration...but she is giving you just what you how about some admiration?

Anonymous said...

Border security is a federal responsibility. It's far different than a bridge to nowhere.

Anonymous said...

I echo what the others have said. These press releases/blog postings just aren't very good.

I know the point is to spew silly stuff about the Dems, but they're starting to lose any credibility they had.